Bobette is the mother of these kids.  She takes care of the product table & the website, & loves creating things.  She & the girls make jewelry & accessories that they sell on line & at the product table.  She loves to get together with friends & family & loves traveling with her own family.

  1. Name:  Catherina Bobette Punches (aka Bobette)
  2. Birthday:  October 27, 1973
  3. Birth place:  Doniphan, MO
  4. Education:  BS in Education from MSSU/CMU
  5. In The Band:  plays bass, guitar, sings lead & harmony
  6. Loves getting together with family & friends
  7. Has 6 siblings
  8. Loves creating things
  9. Takes care of product table, web, & social media
  10. Loves photography & has many other hobbies