Bruce is the Dad of the gang & leads this family on lots of adventures.  He is always up for a laugh & loves to have a good time.  He plays many of the instruments & has taught the kids how to get started on each of their own.  He loves building & does not like sitting still!  He does all of the bands booking so he stays pretty busy!

  1. Name:  Bruce Wade Punches
  2. Birthday:  January 21, 1962
  3. Birth place:  Texas
  4. Education:  BS in Business/Finance from MS
  5. In The Band:  plays mandolin, guitar, bass & sings lead & harmony
  6. Loves jam sessions with the neighbors
  7. Is an only child
  8. Loves building things (built a log cabin, built our home)
  9. Does the groups bookings
  10. Loves a treat, but can’t have sugar