Owen is the pistol of the family.  He loves to pull pranks & tricks on just about anyone.  He is very curious & will take anything apart to see how it works & try repurposing it.  He loves to play the banjo & can play nearly anything he picks up.  He has started his own recording studio & stays pretty busy with that.  Owen loves little kids & is ready for a good time anytime!

  1. Name:  Owen Reed Punches
  2. Birthday:  March 16, 1999
  3. Birth place:  Joplin, MO
  4. Education:  High School (Homeschooled)
  5. In The Band:  plays banjo & guitar sings lead & harmonies (also a drummer, but can play all the instruments)
  6. Loves pancakes
  7. Loves recording (his room is set up as a recording studio)
  8. Loves building things (makes cutting boards)
  9. Loves to ride the unicycle, juggle, walks on his hands, & practical jokes
  10. Wants to go to college to study Psychology, but maintain his music as well